SENEL Technologies S.A.


ank Weigh Modules

· Tank weigh modules

· For tanks, hoppers...

· Stainles steel or steel alloy

Silent blocks

· Weigh modules with silent blocks

· Dessigned to applications with wibrations


· Kneecaps for hanhing load cells

· Dessigned to SX1, SX2 and SX3

· For traction weigh applications, hopers, etc...

Traction accesories

· For load cells FLE1 y FLE2

· Traction Weigh, hoppers...

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· Foot for M12, M14 y M20

· Stainles steel or steel alloy


· For connect indicator to junction box

· 4 or 6 leads

Junction boxes

· Junction boxes to connect load cells

· With lightning protection

· Junction box for 2,3,4,6 or 8 load cells

· Aluminium, stainless steel or plastic injected

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Electronic boards

· Supplies for VBasic, VN1, VN60, VA1, VN1 Mon, etc

· Junction boxes circuits for 2,3,4,6 or 8 load cells